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Posted on July 19th 2019

As the hub of the home, and the place where people most often congregate and spend time, good heating in the kitchen is vital, but is often challenging. Here, we explore some of the options to most effectively heating your home…

Because of cabinetry against most of the walls, there may not be enough space for sufficient radiators so you might opt instead for underfloor heating, though this only really a great option if you’re having a new kitchen put in as retrofitting underfloor heating is not straightforward.


But if you are having renovations done then underfloor heating is pretty good option. These systems are said to be up to 25% more efficient than traditional radiators and you’ll have all that extra wall space to play with, giving you much greater design freedom.

If you are considering UFH you should double check that the flooring you plan to use is compatible as anything thicker than 18mm is likely to impede heat transmission meaning you won’t get the value out of your heating system.

Although underfloor heating is great for some, there are some beautiful radiator options available which can add either a modern, sculptural focal point to a room, or offer bags of character if you choose a vintage-style option. There are so many shapes, styles and colours available that you’re bound to find something to fall in love with.

Traditional radiators

Diamond Gas & Heating supplies a range of stylish, designer radiators from Stelrads including the Classic Column Horizontal which comes as white as standard but is available in a wide range of RAL colours.

For those looking to make a real design statement, Stelrads’ curved vertical premium panel radiator – Swing might be just the thing. The new model is based on Stelrad’s extremely popular Compact Vertex radiator but sees the addition of a one-piece, curved steel front cover that gives it a modern and aesthetically pleasing designer feel.

It comes in white as standard but can be specially ordered in up to 35 colours, making it an extremely attractive product for interior designers and architects looking to match radiator colours with corporate or specific colour décor, Stelrad says.

Radiators are available in a number of size options and all come with a five-year guarantee.


Once you’ve decided on your radiator or radiators you need to position them, and getting this right is important. If you can, position your new rad under a window as currents of convection are created that help to distribute the heat from the radiator into and throughout the room.

It’s likely that you won’t have any space under windows as that will be taken up by cabinetry, so instead pick a wall as far from the fridge freezer as possible, as this will try and get rid of any residual heat that is near it.