Switch to Solar and Start Generating
Renewable Energy

Save your family up to £715 per year with the right solar PV system. Find out how!

How much could new Solar PV cost? It’s less than you think.

Why Choose Solar PV?

There are so many great reasons to install Solar PV in your home.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Solar electricity is a renewable energy source. Installing a solar PV system significantly reduces your household’s CO₂ emissions.

Reduced Energy Bills

By using solar panels to generate your own energy, you can save up to £518 on your energy bills each year.

Enjoy Warranty Protection

Some of our solar products have lifetime warranties and require minimal maintenance, giving you decades of hassle-free service.

How Solar Works

Solar panels work by absorbing solar energy which creates an electric charge. Solar energy is absorbed by light, so it doesn’t have to be a sunny day. Energy can be generated on cloudy and rainy days, which is important in the UK. Solar Battery storage is incredibly simple and logical: your solar panels will generate solar energy and the excess is then stored in a battery to be used when you need it.

Why choose solar energy storage?

  • Fast installation to get you up and running.
  • 24-hour monitoring to ensure all is well.
  • Battery solutions for high users.
  • Save thousands on your energy bills

Products We Use

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, reliable products and systems. We install state-of-the-art Solar PV products manufactured by LONGi and Solax Power, two of the world’s leading suppliers of Solar PV solutions.

LONGi PV modules leverage advanced technologies, featuring excellent power ratings and top conversion efficiencies. LONGi is a world leader in the clean energy transition, providing a comprehensive suite of solar PV solutions that are suitable for a wide range of project applications.

SolaX Power envision a clean, sustainable future powered by renewable energy. By pushing back the boundaries with what is possible in solar inverter technology, SolaX Power have been able to produce some of the most efficient solar inverters on the market today, enabling our customers to harness even more of the free, clean energy available to us from the sun.

How Diamond Solar Work

We’re here to make installing your Solar PV as simple as possible.

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