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Smart Home – future of home heating

Posted on February 8th 2019

The Smart Money

In this week’s blog we take a look at some of the latest innovations is home heating and look towards the future to consider how you might keep your home cosy in the future…

With voice-activation technology such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa/Echo and Apple HomePod growing rapidly, the idea of the smart home is quickly gaining traction in the mainstream and smart home devices are becoming increasingly desirable.

Integral to the modern smart home is a smart heating system, complete with smart thermostat, which is central to it. It’s likely that the future will see most UK homes fitted with some level of smart heating tech. In fact, smart thermostats were among the first connected devices to emerge, and are known as the ‘gateway to smart technology’ because of their usefulness, and relative low cost.


Nest, Hive, Honeywell, Tado, Ideal Boilers and Worcester Bosch all offer intuitive devices that learn your daily schedule over a period of weeks and adjust heating accordingly. Plus, you can monitor and control temperature from your smart phone, using an app. This means greater levels of comfort as you can set the heating remotely, ensuring it’s at temperature when you get home.

All this makes for significant energy savings, having a direct impact on your pocket. A smart thermostat can save you around £180 a year according to Tadoo, which equates to 27% of your total heating costs. And you’re doing your bit for the environment too. Bonus!

In the zone

Smart central heating systems of the future will be increasingly intuitive and can be connected to wearable devices such as an Apple Watch. Zonal heating could adjust itself based on who is in the room and their preferences, and only occupied rooms will be heated, again saving energy and money. Your hot water could work in a similar personalised way. For example, digital showers allow the user to remotely adjust the temperature before they step in, meaning no nasty cold shock. Digital showers and taps of the future could operate by fingerprint touch, recognising the user and instantly modifying to preferred settings.

Energy sources

Of course, in this age of dwindling fossil fuel reserves, it’s impossible to have a conversation about home heating without considering future clean, renewable energy sources. Solar power is one of the most popular in the UK, as solar panels can be installed relatively cheaply, and homeowners with them can sell excess energy back to the National Grid, which is a great incentive. In addition, solar power can help greatly reduce your energy bills when paired with an appropriate boiler and hot water system. Worcester Bosch and Ideal Boilers offer boilers which can be linked to a solar power set up.

We can offer advice and quotations for all things ‘smart’ that are related to your heating and hot water, so if you are keen to stay ahead of the curve and are considering dipping your toes in the smart home market, why not give us a call?