Plumbing Plus | Billed Monthly

Plumbing Plus

£26.00 / month

Boiler Type

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Service Supplement



Whats included:

Annual Boiler Service & Heating System Health Check

  • Comprehensive annual service on a single natural gas boiler
  • Boiler will be opened up to clean key components
  • Parts to be checked for operational safety & ratios restored to manufacturers guidelines
  • Engineer check on heating system to ensure all in good working condition


  • Heating controls including thermostats, programmers, motorised valves & domestic sized pumps

Central Heating System

  • All repairs to the central heating system pipework within the property
  • Standard radiators & associated valves
  • External expansion vessels
  • Pressure relief valves
  • External gauges & filling loops

Plumbing & Drainage

  • Repairs to the plumbing system within your home including water pipes as they enter the house & throughout the house
  • Hot water cylinders & their components such as immersion heaters, timers & thermostats
  • Primary hot water pipework within the property
  • Leaking taps & running toilets
  • Cold water tanks, ball valves & floats
  • Ball cocks, siphons, valves & flush handles/buttons
  • Domestic drainage within the property
  • Repairing leaks on internal waste pipes
  • Your gas supply pipe from the meter


  • Boiler breakdowns & repairs
  • The boiler flue including the flue terminal up to 1m in length
  • Boiler replacement cover if less than 5 years old & deemed irreparable
  • £400 off the cost of a new boiler if more than 5 years old & deemed beyond economic repair

* Extended warranty only applies to customers who purchase a Warmcare plan within 7 days of Diamond Gas & Heating Ltd boiler installation and must have an same level or higher active service plan for the duration of the warranty (See Warmcare T&C’s).