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Off on holiday? Remember to do these things first

Posted on August 2nd 2019

Head off on summer holidays with greater peace of mind this summer by ensuring you these things to keep your home safe and secure…

Getting away for a couple of weeks in the sun is something most of us look forward to, but all the preparations can be a boring, but necessary, chore. After digging out the passports, organising travel insurance, car hire, shopping for holiday essentials and packing, it’s easy to forget everything you also need to do around the home and keeping it safe while you’re gone, so we’ve compiled this handy checklist to help.

1. Give the impression the house is occupied

Ensure you don’t give any clues to any opportunist burglars that you’re away. Make sure the lawn is mown before you go, get a neighbour to water the plants, and leave windows and blinds open. Make sure you cancel any regular milk or newspaper deliveries.

2. Save your holiday brags for when you’re home

Try and resist the urge before travelling to post on social media about your upcoming holiday, and don’t make the mistake of publicly ‘checking in’ to the airport on Facebook or posting pics of your boarding pass on Instagram. You don’t know who might be alerted to your whereabouts and these posts can act as invitation to burglars.

3. Hide valuables

Try to conceal your most treasured possessions in the least obvious places. Spread them throughout the house and find difficult to reach places – on top of tall cupboards, or even in boxes in the attic are places opportunist home invaders are less likely to look.

4. Boiler bother

If you’re going away in summer and wouldn’t normally have the heating on anyway, then you needn’t do anything in this regard, but if you’re going away later in the year, ensure you set your heating to keep your home at an ambient temperature of around 16°C so that your pipes don’t freeze and also so that you don’t come home to a freezing cold house!

5. In the kitchen

It might sound obvious, but make sure you double check all major appliances, with the exception of course, are off. Make sure your fridge and freezer are in holiday mode if you have that functionality and also make sure the doors to that appliance are properly closed.
And again, it might sound obvious but it’s so easy to forget – Make sure you empty the bin!

6. When you get home again

So you’re home, you’ve had a fantastic few weeks away, but you’ve also spent an age in the airport waiting for your luggage and are weary and fancy a hot shower. It might be tempting to hop straight in but doing so could be dangerous.

Microbiologist Dr Tom Makin recommends running the shower for 20 minutes before you get in and not going back into the bathroom for 20 minutes after the shower has been switched off. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for lethal legionella bacteria and this process will rid your bathroom of any of the highly toxic bugs that might be present.

Talking to the Mail on Sunday Makin said: “I cover my nose and mouth with one hand and turn on the shower with the other.

After 20 minutes or so, I’ll turn the shower off and then I won’t go in for at least another 20 minutes.

So there you have it, a handy checklist of five things to make sure you do before you go away, and one very important thing to do when you get home. We hope you’ve found this informative and useful and, from the team at Diamond Gas & Heating – Have a great holiday!