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Diamond Gas top picks – Smart Thermostats

Posted on May 20th 2019

With heating making up more than half of your home’s energy costs, it’s no surprise that smart thermostats have taken off in recent years. And, depending on your lifestyle, they can save you a significant amount of money on heating bills. If you are out and about a lot or don’t keep a regular schedule, a smart thermostat can be useful as you can control the temperature of your home from your phone or tablet device, where ever you are.

Likewise, if you would simply not have the hassle of setting and adjusting your heating yourself then a smart controller could be the way forward, as although the initial cost for one of these bits of kit can be steep at the outset, you will reap the benefits in the long run.

Here, we’ve brought together our top three smart controllers on the market right now:

Nest Learning Thermostat

The intuitive controls of the Nest Learning Thermostat are super easy to use. You simply turn the temperature up and down as required then it learns the patterns and repeats them. So for example, you might turn the heating up to 20°C in the morning when you get up and after a few days it will set that time automatically before you get up, giving you as Nest says “A warm welcome”. Likewise, you simply turn the heating down on your way to bed and the thermostat will automatically repeat that.

Because the Nest is linked to your phone, it knows when you’re not in the house and will turn itself to eco settings. And, with the Nest app, you can set the heating from wherever you are, so you can rest assured you will get home to find the temperature just as you like it.

Finally, you can also set the water temperature from your Nest Learning Thermostat. It comes with a hot water schedule which you can adjust using the Nest app. You can boost the heat so that you have extra hot water if you want it. And when you’re away from home for a few days, you don’t have to remember to turn off the hot water. The Nest Thermostat will do it for you.

Bosch EasyControl – Smart Thermostat

This sleek smart controller comes in black or white and also comes with smart radiator thermostats (Smart TRVs) so you can easily control the heating in each individual room to give maximum comfort when and where you want it.

Like with Nest, it knows when you’ve left the house and will turn down the heating accordingly, using its smart Home Presence Detection technology. It will then return to the desired temperature when it detects you’re nearly home.

The EasyControl app provides you easy-to-understand graphs on your gas consumption for heating and hot water, and it even has the ability to include current gas prices to give you accurate readings. The display shows how efficient your heating programmes are, so you can adjust setting to keep energy use at an optimum level.

Bosch says the app interface makes the thermostat simple to use, and the EasyControl thermostat panel features a colourful Ambi light showing you what your heating is doing at a quick glance.

Honeywell T6 Smart Thermostat range

There are three models available in Honeywell’s T6 range – the T6 Smart Thermostat and the T6R and T6R-HW Smart Thermostats. The T6 is a wall mounted fixed installation thermostat, designed to go in place of a traditional thermostat location. The T6R is mobile, and with its desk stand design is perfect for use on flat surfaces. Requiring only mains power, it communicates wirelessly to the boiler control unit (included). The T6R-HW additionally includes hot water control.

Honeywell Home, available on all three options, knows how long it takes to get your home to the right temperature, removing the guesswork and saving you money on your energy bills, Honeywell says. Its intelligent comfort control helps maintain the desired temperature when you need it. So your home will always be comfy and cosy, whatever the weather.

The T6 can detect when you’re away using your phone’s location (geofencing) and will set the temperature accordingly. When you’re nearly home the thermostat will automatically start returning the temperature to the desired level, making for maximum comfort when you arrive.

The T6 Smart Thermostat also works with many of today’s smart home brands including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT, so you can manage your home comforts smartly and efficient.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above for your home, then why not call Diamond Gas & Heating on 01329 234 111? We supply and can professionally install the three smart controllers listed above and our friendly customer service team can advise you on which will be best for your needs.