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Buying a boiler online? Beware, and read this first…

Posted on February 15th 2019

Go Compare, Compare the Market, Money Supermarket – every day we are bombarded with often highly irritating ads for these price comparison sites urging us to use them to find the best deals for everything from car insurance to energy suppliers. But what’s the most effective and reliable way to find the right boiler deal for you. Is it possible to get a quote and purchase a boiler with installation online?

There are dedicated online firms who offer both quotation and installation, and with so many heating firms and boiler brands available, it might be tempting to use such a site to save you the leg work.

Using an online provider could be cheaper and can save you time, allowing you to compare prices without having to be available for a home visit. However, pursuing this avenue can be a false economy. Whilst there will always be jobs that complete correctly, the risk of a job not going to plan is significantly increased when an expert hasn’t actually seen the job.

We recommend using a trusted, local or national heating company as they will be best placed to assess your needs. In addition, a trusted, local heating firm, such as Diamond Gas & Heating will organise a home visit for an engineer to carry out an assessment – taking out all of the guess work and ensuring the correct specification.

Get an instant quote with Diamond Gas

Getting a boiler quote from Diamond Gas & Heating is easy – simply click the button on the top right of our homepage and fill in the form. You’ll be asked about your fuel type, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your property and whether or not you have a water tank. Then all we need are a few personal details and you’ve got your instant quote. Diamond Gas & Heating are also offering a £200 discount when you book a home survey with us.

Once the quote is complete, we can arrange for one of our Gas Safe engineers to come round to carry out the technical survey, which will establish exactly what boiler you need and also ensure that it can be fitted to specified regulations in your property.

Small Print

Wherever you decide to purchase your boiler and installation, make sure you read through all the terms and conditions carefully. Some online-only companies stipulate that customers take responsibility for the boiler specification, meaning that if the job goes ahead, and the wrong boiler has been specified, you, as the customer are liable.

At Diamond Gas & Heating, we take responsibility for supplying the correct equipment. Read our terms and conditions here.

Rough costs at a glance

To give you a rough idea of costs we’ve laid out three typical scenarios in which you might purchase a new boiler.

Combi boiler swap – £1749 inc. VAT with fitting, plus 10-year warranty
Standard boiler swap – £1699 inc. VAT with fitting, plus 10-year warranty
Changing a standard boiler to a combi boiler – £2399 inc. VAT with fitting plus 10-year warranty

In conclusion, it’s great to get an online quote if you want a rough idea of price, however purchasing from an online sales firm can be a dangerous game as it puts the onus on you to ensure you’ve chosen correctly, so why not take the guess work out of purchasing a boiler and give Diamond Gas & Heating a call?