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Boilers – guarantee vs warranty?

Posted on January 11th 2019

Choosing what boiler is right for you can be confusing enough, but on top of that there is the issue of insuring your purchase for the future, and the differences between the boilers manufacturer guarantee and its warranty aren’t always clear. In this week’s post we seek to unmuddy the waters so you can make sure you’re properly covered should anything go wrong.

The first and primary difference between a guarantee and warranty is that the guarantee, as its name suggests guarantees that any fault will be fixed with your boiler within the guarantee period, without any quibbles, for free, no matter how that fault has occurred. This means that, even if a fault develops because of incorrect installation for example, the guarantee will cover the cost of replacement or repair.

A guarantee will automatically be issued with the boiler by the manufacturer, who is legally obliged to cover the boiler for two years. However, many brands, including Worcester Bosch, offer 5 years as standard, and you can get up to a 10-year guarantee by choosing one of the brand’s selected Accredited Installers, such as Diamond Gas & Heating.

Worcester Bosch does have a charging policy for non-boiler related faults and standard conditions not being met, including documentation not on site. The brand will extend the terms of the guarantee to other qualifying products if fitted at the same time as the new boiler, such as the Easy Control, Comfort controls and Greenstar Filter.

A warranty is different in that it is an insurance policy that you pay a premium for. Therefore there are certain conditions under which the warranty will be valid. For example, a warranty will require that the boiler has been fitted properly and that it is regularly maintained by a Gas Safe engineer before a free repair or replacement is offered. So a claim for a fault on your boiler under warranty could include a visit of an assessor who will assess the nature of that fault before deciding whether or not the breakdown falls under the terms of the warranty. Many of the budget boiler brands use this visit to remove blame from the manufacturer and place the onus on the installer or even the end user.

Ideal Boilers, the other brand supplied by Diamond Gas & Heating, offers a 10-year warranty on boilers installed by Diamond Gas and Heating, with their standard ‘out of the box’ warranty, ranging from 2-7 years.

There are benefits and drawbacks with both guarantees and warranties.

Firstly, neither a guarantee nor a warranty is likely to cover the cost of repair or replacement if the damage is accidental or wilful on the part of the homeowner.

A guarantee can sometimes be used as a marketing tool to signify greater reliability over the issuing brand’s competitors. It is saying “we’re so confident in our product it will outlast the warranty”, and its promises peace of mind during that guarantee period. However it doesn’t 100% ensure correct fitting or maintenance.

A warranty on the other hand, by its nature as an insurance policy to cover the life of the boiler, encourages or stipulates correct fitting and maintenance from the very start.

So, choosing a guarantee or a warranty will depend on the brand you purchase the boiler from, but provided you have the boiler fitted by an Accredited Installer who is Gas Safe registered such as Diamond Gas & Heating, both a warranty and guarantee will offer great value for money.

And, for extra peace of mind, Diamond Gas & Heating offers its Warmcare packages which start from just £6 a month, which mean that even if your boiler is out of warranty, we’ll have you covered.