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The Benefits of Yearly Gas Boiler Service

Posted on August 18th 2017
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Do you really need a gas boiler service? Don’t the units, more or less, take care of themselves? My boiler is new; why do I need a service? Can’t I just service it myself?

If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone.

One study found that millions of UK homeowners are at risk due to unmaintained or improperly maintained gas-powered appliances such as boilers. Most of these homeowners don’t know that there’s a problem until it’s too late.

Don’t be one of them. Together, let’s explore the benefits of getting your yearly service, what to expect during your service and who can do a gas service in the UK.

Gas Boiler Service Benefits

1) Safety

Gas leaks are rare. Because of the risks involved, those who build and maintain boilers and the lines that feed them work very carefully to ensure that leaks don’t happen.

But because of the potentially severe consequences of a gas leak, you don’t want to take any chances.

Gas leaking into your home could result in carbon monoxide poisoning of those in your home and/or an explosion. Both of these would almost always be a deadly event.

A gas boiler service will help avert mishaps related to gas leakages or other boiler issues.

2) Efficiency

You care about protecting the planet and saving money while doing it. Because of this, it’s important that your boiler always runs optimally, using only as much energy as is necessary to heat your home.

In the average household, as much as 50% of the energy bill is the cost of running the boiler to maintain the indoor climate. An inefficient boiler can, therefore, cost you a lot of money.

Don’t pay more for energy than you have to. Instead get a regular gas boiler service.

3) Cost-Savings

Replacing a boiler can cost over £2000 for the boiler plus another £550 for installation. For most UK home owners, this is the single most expensive appliance in the home.

When you make this kind of investment in your home, you need it to last many years to be worth the cost. On top of this, you don’t want to be without room heat when you need it.

A well-maintained boiler should last you for 15+ years. But lack of maintenance could cut this by 1/3 or more.

And lest you think that getting your boiler service means spending more on repairs in the long run, know that a regular gas boiler service also reduces the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Getting a regular gas boiler service helps your unit last longer.

4) Boiler Cover Protection

Do you have a boiler cover? If the answer is “yes”, then your home insurance policy will require service records in order for you to remain covered under the policy.

The insurance industry is highly regulated to ensure that they pay claims when you are entitled to payment through your policy. But as a home owner you have the responsibility to do your due diligence to maintain and protect your home.

If you aren’t taking proper steps to maintain the boiler, the insurance company isn’t obligated to honour their contract because you didn’t honour yours.

Regular gas boiler service allows you to keep your side of the bargain so that they will keep theirs in the event that you must file a claim.

5) Peace of Mind

Lastly, gas boiler service offers you peace of mind. Given the risks involved when you don’t have your boiler serviced, it’s nice to know you don’t have to worry because you got the service.

Who Can Do an Inspection

In the UK, only a gas safe registered engineer can complete a gas boiler service.

This regulation is in place to protect homeowners from:

  • Trying to do it themselves because it’s dangerous
  • Incompetents who attempt to go beyond their area of expertise

What Will Be Inspected During Service

We won’t go through the entire checklist here, but a full gas boiler service involves testing and cleaning roughly 20 components of your gas boiler system.

To sum it up, the engineer will be:

  • Testing all boiler components
  • Cleaning out the boiler pipes and other components
  • Replacing any faulty parts

A complete service will typically cost between £50 and £80. Some types of boilers are more complex and will, therefore, cost more. The trade off here is that boilers that cost more to service tend to be the boilers that are the most energy efficient.

When to Get Your Boiler Serviced

Your boiler will ideally be serviced at the end of the summer.

Many households don’t use the boiler at all during the warmer summer months. Sometimes inactivity can do more to disrupt an appliance’s ability to perform more so than constantly running.

Get it inspected before you go back into the cooler months and any time that you notice any corrosion, leaks or other concerns.

Maintaining the Boiler Between Services

There are also some things that you can do at home to extend the life of your boiler even if you aren’t a registered engineer.

Run the boiler at least once a month for 15 minutes, during extended non-use. Make note of any concerns and call for service if needed.

Install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home. This gas is odourless and potentially deadly. If the alarm sounds, get all people and pets out of the home and call for service for an outside telephone.

Don’t attempt to repair or service the boiler unless you are a registered engineer. Trying to service your boiler can damage your boiler, reducing its life span. On top of this, it’s dangerous.

Getting a Gas Boiler Maintenance Service

There are many benefits to having your boiler serviced annually by a gas safe registered engineer. If you haven’t had your gas boiler serviced yet, it’s time to make that call to protect your family, your investment and your peace of mind.

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