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Beating the back-to-work post-holiday blues

Posted on September 6th 2018

The school holidays are now over and chances are your summer break away is a sweet but fading memory. You’re back at work, getting back into the drudgery of the daily commute and might be feeling a touch of the post-holiday blues. If you are, you’re not alone – According to a study commissioned by car hire booking company, Auto Europe, 57% of British workers feel depressed, deflated or demotivated when they return to work after a vacation.

So why are you feeling down and how can you beat the blues and make yourself feel better?

Post-holiday blues or Post Travel Depression (PTD) can be caused by a general feeling of dissatisfaction with your life which is brought into sharp focus, when contrasted against your two weeks in the Med, and if this is the case then after your holiday might be a perfect time to take stock of your life, reassess and make changes. However, it might just be that you’re perfectly content with your everyday existence and might just need a distraction to carry you out of your post travel slump.

Here are our suggestions…

Unpack and then keep unpacking

If you’ve got home from your weeks in the sun and feel like you need to make some changes, start straight away. Unpack your luggage, put away your cases then have a clear out of the things you no longer need or wear – take them to the charity shop.

Decluttering will help clear your mind so you can focus on the tougher issues in your life that might need addressing, and giving to charity will make you feel good too.

Recreate a taste of your holiday at home

Did you have the tastiest ever souvlaki in Greece, or the most delicious paella in Spain? Instead of pining for the tastes of your sunny break, why not recreate them at home and then incorporate them into your cookery repertoire? You could collect recipes over the years to create a holiday recipe book, which could even become an heirloom for you to pass down.

Binge on a box set

Want to distract yourself with a bit more escapism? Why not get cozy in front of the telly, get your Hygge on, and catch some great shows? Enter into the eerie world of Stranger Things or perhaps spend some time with the good-hearted but hapless Jimmy McGill in the brilliant Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul – (this will also make you feel better because it’s unlikely your life is worse than his.)

Alternatively – over on BBC iPlayer, you could catch the gripping drama Bodyguard, or the odd but highly intriguing Picnic at Hanging Rock, staring Natalie Dormer. Or, if higher brow entertainment is your thing, then it’s certainly worth checking out Tom Harper’s excellent adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic, War and Peace.

Boogie on down

Dancing is a fantastic way to boost your mood, while shedding some post-holiday pounds, and it’s also been helps to improve balance and memory. So with Strictly Come Dancing recently returned to our screens, what better time to find a class near you, or even simply pick a tutorial from one of the hundreds available on YouTube?

Bake your blues away

Also inspired by a recent telly return, how about baking along with the contestants on the Great British Bake Off? Impress your friends with a showstopper of your own – if maybe not a croquembouche then some cupcakes, macaroons or a Victoria Sponge with a nice cup of tea

So, they’re our recommendations for pulling you out of your post-holiday funk, but if you try these and are still feeling the blues then perhaps the Met Office’s latest predictions can cheer you up. There will be unsettled spells, but the warm weather is predicted to return and is expected to hang around until at least September.

So although the holidays may be officially over, the British Summer is hanging on.